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Health& keeps track of your health, automatically sending you health check reminders, identifying potential risk factors before they arise, and offering information personalised to you.
The Royal Australian College of General Practititioners (RACGP) is our professional body. We involve ourselves with college affairs including representation at various conventions, education as examiners for the RACGP fellowship examinations, and by upholding the college values. We would like to thank the college in particular for awarding Atticus Health Carrum the distinction of General Practice of the Year, Australia 2017.
Atticus Health has been hosting medical students from Monash University for a number of years. We continue to work closely Monash University to improve medical education and in particular promote general practice in a positive light, hopefully inspiring some students along the way to embrace it as a career. In 2018 Atticus Health received an award from Monash University for Excellence in Teaching for our involvement in a pilot program aimed at 5th year medical students. We are most grateful for this.
We employ many GP registrars from Eastern Victoria GP training. We feel proud to have provided a positive learning environment and help them accomplish fellowship. We feel privileged that many registrars have gone on to work with us as consultants. If you are interested in working with us as a registrar, get in touch.
We would like to thank the South Eastern Melbourne Primary Health Care Network (SEMPHN) for supporting the growth of our company. SEMPHN is a Govnerment funded organisation responsible for the commissioning of primary health programs to the south eastern Melbourne area. SEMPHN has provided us significant grant funding over the years. This has helped us to deliver services and spurred us on to continually improve and broaden the range and depth of those services. We look forward to continue working with Government to better the health of our local communities.