Atticus Health New Fellow Program

Firstly, congratulations on choosing to be a generalist, we believe it makes for an exhilarating career and the guided application of your skill set to the current environment is what we’d like to help you achieve.


Who is this for?

If you are a new Fellow, or just about to finish your final registrar term, then you may still be curious about areas within general practice that you haven’t had an opportunity to really explore.

About the program 

This is a 12 or 24 month program, designed to allow new fellows to trial various specialist areas within general practice, to discover more about themselves, to rapidly develop and hone their skills and explore more of the true potential that being a generalist in the modern world has to offer.

As a part of the program, you will be exposed to environments such as –

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Workplace health

The importance and contribution of the workplace on an individual’s health is being increasingly recognised every day. The program grants the opportunity to consider this for various occupations from executives to industrial workers.


Continues to forge ahead. Learn what it means to ethically incorporate both local and national Telehealth activities into your day. What are the opportunities, what are the pitfalls? How does it feel dealing with patients from all over Australia, possibly from your home office.

Aged Care

Who is going to look after our ageing population? We believe that general practice does have a vital role to play in this. Whether it be helping people live at home, or supporting residential aged care facilities, GPs are needed. Understand the dynamics of what aged care is all about and how we can best leverage technology into the area to improve care.

"Rurban" GP

How can we solve the problem of there being not enough doctors in rural and remote areas? Elect to partake in a stint at one of our rural clinics including on Hamilton Island to get a feel for what it is to work in a more remote location.

Skin surgery

For those who are procedurally inclined, work alongside accomplished skin cancer doctors to practise performing both simple and advanced skin surgeries including flaps.

Point of Care Ultrasound (POCUS) training

Enables the present-day generalist to more readily and accurately diagnose and treat a wide range of conditions. Partnering with reputable training organisations and device manufacturers, we keenly support interested new fellows incorporate POCUS into their routine skill set, never to look back.

You select your rotations with flexibility, tailoring the program to your interests and needs.

Don’t accept what you think you should be doing as a fresh generalist.  Discover, develop and explore to find out what you truly love doing.

“Man is only fully human when he plays”

– Friedrich Schiller

Places are limited for the Atticus Health New Fellow Program.

To find out more, register your interest below or email Dr Floyd Gomes via fgomes@atticushealth.com.au.

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