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YouTube Channel

We believe in connection, which can come in many forms. And so, we have created a YouTube channel. There are a few videos, and we hope to add as we go. Enjoy!

Radio Shows


Radio Carrum is local radio station set up at Carrum Primary School. Over the years Atticus Health Carrum has shared a special relationship with many local schools including Carrum Primary. We feel lucky to have a medical show on this very novel and positive local radio station. If you'd like to visit Radio Carrum, please follow this link http://radiocarrum.org/

Atticus Health with Dr. Floyd

This is the show! A big thanks to everyone who's contributed to our episodes. If you'd like to listen to Atticus Health with Dr. Floyd go to http://radiocarrum.org/shows/atticus-health-with-dr-floyd/

Radio Carrum grew up...

A few years ago the brains of Radio Carrum Marcus Mulcahy and Andrew "Pie" Adams had the idea of making the show more mobile...

They wanted to buy a caravan and deck it out, so that the station could be live at all the local sporting events and shows etc. And, so they could finally name something "vantastic". Atticus Health was approached to help. So we did. We donated $1,000 and the van was hauled from Geelong to it's home(s) at Carrum.

And that's it. We're so happy to have been a part of this. But really, this page on our website should be considered to be promoting the hard work of locals who make stuff like this happen. It's the likes of all those volunteers who take the time to make shows, contributed to the build of the van, make it run in the background. What about the kids? Kids are cool, and Radio Carrum has helped them express themselves and be a part of something unique and special. Radio Carrum and Vantastic, we think are "Driven by Soul" and again, something we're proud and feel lucky to be involved with!


Atticus Health is "Driven by Soul". Things that are soulful include the basics - home cooked food, connecting to nature and exercising! Sure, sometimes we need medications, but often times good food and staying active - is what keeps us well. And, if we've got an illness, often times these things are still so very important. We believe in these things so much that we set up gyms in some of our clinics, and intend to continue down this line.

Of course, it's great if you can get your exercise naturally - going for a walk, playing with kids etc. However, if you need a bit of start, then sign up. And - there are some great support groups which have sprung from our gyms... something we're particularly happy about.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The main thing is - use of our gyms. At present, these are located in Carrum and Hastings. Provided you get sign off from our exercise physiologist, you can basically attend whenever we're open. Or, you can join an exercise group and have a bit of fun!

You also get to access the member's only section of the website where you'll be made aware of any special events or offers and can communicate directly with Atticus staff over the website.

We also sell some products in some of our clinics, and this should grow. Members are entitled to discounts on these.

$180 for a 12 month membership ($150 for pensioners)

Yes. There are many health benefits of exercise for people with or who have had cancer. And, since so many of us are affected by this disease, these days, we've made membership free to these patients.

If you know someone who would get a free membership - please tell them about our gyms. We'd love to see them.

No doubt, once they join, the fact that a person has or has had cancer remains confidential, and doesn't get shared with other gym members.

Call Atticus Hastings on 5979 7777 or Atticus Carrum on 9773 3333 and they'll guide you. We'll give you a membership card - and, you're ready to go!

e15 Club

For men & women who live their lives on the edge & are continually on the lookout for new ways to improve their bodies, minds and spirits, e15 Club supports amazing creative and energetic beings.

To sum it all up, this is a program to stimulate your mental and physical wellbeing and it’s open for ANYONE to join!

Normie - Carrum

Project "Normie"

Project "Normie". We had an exterior wall, we knew a great local man/ patient, and we combined the two to change the face of station street Carrum. Norm has been a member of the local volunteer fire brigade for over 72 years, apart from everything else he's done around town including supporting all manner of local sports. We were proud to bring in street artist Camscale to complete this work. Atticus funded half of this project, and the remainder was crowdfunded - with much thanks.

Vin, Mahima, Ramji, Floyd - Nepal run

Run/ Walk Nepal

In 2015 devastating earthquakes struck Nepal. We had a Doctor who had previously worked at our clinic who was in fact Nepalese and had gone back to Nepal to help. Her name was Dr Mahima Adhikary. To help support her cause, we organised a fun run/ walk around Patterson River. Our patient, Vin got involved and brought along his bulldog club, so it really became a fun run for 2 and 4 legged friends! Many Nepalese people came along on the day. We managed to raise $5,000 in total and the funds thankfully went straight to where they were needed via Dr Adhikary.


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