Introducing You to Atticus Audiology

Atticus Health is excited to announce a new audiology service now available for all patients. Our new audiologist is Michelle Esparon.

We aim to provide audiology services to you by:

  • Providing a personalised and professional service. You will see the same clinician – Michelle, throughout your hearing program
  • Understanding your individual needs and tailoring a hearing rehabilitation program with YOUR goals in mind
  • Giving you a wide choice in hearing technology. This audiology practice is not aligned with any particular manufacturer.

A GP referral isn’t required. Book an appointment straight away to start seeing our audiologist. Read further about why you should see an audiologist.

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Audiologist - Michelle Esparon

With over 20 years of experience, Michelle Esparon is a Melbourne University trained audiologist who graduated with a Master of Clinical Audiology in 2000. The first 10 years saw Michelle working as an audiologist and then a manager, with Australian Hearing. Wanting to get back to patient focused hearing care, she decided to branch off on her own and set up her own audiology practice. This experience so far has helped her gain a wide range of experience in the ever changing field of audiology.

Audiology Services Provided

As a mum of teenage boys and a daughter to ageing parents, Michelle knows how important hearing is to facilitate communication between you and your family. She strives to improve your hearing, so that you can get the most out of life. Services offered by Michelle include:

  • Full diagnostic hearing assessments. PTA, tympanometry and speech discrimination testing
  • Pre-employment hearing screenings. Billed to the referring company
  • Hearing aid adjustments. Michelle can adjust most aid brands, even if those aids were fitted by previous audiologists
  • Hearing aid fittings (if necessary). As an independent audiologist, Michelle can fit any brand of hearing aid, including moulds for sleep, water and noise protection.

Michelle does all of the above for clients eligible for the Hearing Services Program as she is an accredited audiologist with the Hearing Services Program. Eligible clients who have a pension, concession card or DVA card, obtain free annual hearing assessments, subsidised hearing devices and annual hearing aid adjustments (Health Care Card holders are not eligible for free services).

Atticus Audiology isn’t just a service for the hard of hearing. The following patients would benefit from audiology services as well:

  • Tinnitus sufferers
  • Balance disorders
  • Speech disorders or delays in children
  • Pre-school testing
  • Outer ear infections, discomfort, itch, discharging ears
  • Middle ear issues, blocked or painful ears, discharging ears
  • Eustachian tube dysfunctions – blocked ears
  • TMJ issues – also blocked ears
  • Diabetic patients
  • Over 75 year olds as part of their health checks.

Michelle is able to test kids over the age of 4.

Michelle will be conducting services as well as selling products (hearing aids mainly) as the audiologist.

To learn more, please book online below or call 1300 268 431 to make an appointment with Michelle to begin your audiology journey at Atticus Health.

Available at

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  • 440 Frankston Dandenong Road, Bangholme, Victoria 3175
  • 03 9706 5560
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  • 6/2432 Frankston Flinders Road, Bittern, Victoria 3918
  • 03 5983 6888
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  • 505A Station Street, Carrum, Victoria 3197
  • 03 9773 3333
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  • 2104 – 2106 Frankston Flinders Road, Hastings, Victoria 3915
  • (03) 5979 7777
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