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Onsite physiotherapy

Our experienced workplace Physiotherapists can come to your workplace and assist you to manage injuries onsite, lowering LTI’s, insurance premiums and keeping your workforce healthy.
There is strong evidence that early injury management results in better outcomes for injured employees.

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In clinic physiotherapy

Having clinics situated in a number of locations in Melbourne’s South East means we are well positioned to provide Physiotherapy services to your staff at one of sites. We prefer open dialogue with the injury team at the businesses we work with to ensure their staff receive the best care possible whilst injured.

Pre-employment functional assessments

A Pre-Employment functional assessment is a series of physical tests that helps match candidates to the physical requirements of the job and ensures you get the right people fulfilling the right roles, reducing the risk of onsite injuries.

Our Pre-Employment Functional Assessments are conducted by a physiotherapist and are specific to the physical requirements of the job being applied for. They aim to determine if the candidate has a current injury, can the candidate perform the physical requirements of the role and do they have an increased risk of injury whilst doing so.

Ergonomic assessments

Our experienced Physiotherapists can proactively ensure your staff have the best possible workstation setup to reduce the risk of injuries, or help an already injured staff member recover by improving their setup.

Manual handling training/ Injury prevention training

Manual handling training can be a part of an overall injury prevention strategy. Ensure your staff know how to identify risks and use correct manual handling techniques in the workplace.

To learn more about our Pre-employment functional assessments, click here

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  • 505A Station Street, Carrum Victoria 3197
  • 03 9773 3333
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  • 440 Frankston Dandenong Road, Bangholme Victoria 3175
  • 03 9706 5560
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  • 2104 – 2106 Frankston Flinders Road, Hastings Victoria 3915
  • (03) 5979 7777
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