March 18, 2022|Health

Healthy Heart Checks – Don’t Miss a Beat!

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Many of us had New Year’s resolutions related to our health, but how many of us have put aside or avoided health checks because of the pandemic?

According to the Heart Foundation, at least 27,000 Australians are likely to have missed out on early detection of heart attack and stroke risk during the pandemic, allowing their risk to go unmanaged and potentially leading to a rise in preventable heart events and possibly deaths later on. People have been reluctant or unable to get access to routine medical attention during the pandemic and that includes having preventive health checks like a Healthy Heart Check.

Healthy Heart Checks Are Covered by Medicare and Will Be Bulk-billed

Having a Healthy Heart Check gives you the best chance of preventing a heart attack or stroke. It helps keep in check risk factors like high blood pressure and high cholesterol, which are generally silent or symptom-free.  They can go undiagnosed and potentially worsen, increasing people’s risk of a heart event in the future.

Who Can Get a Healthy Heart Check?

The Healthy Heart Check is for people who haven’t yet had a heart event but may be at risk of one.  It is available to Australians aged 45-49 years, or 30 years and over for First Nations peoples. It’s a simple, painless check-up that could save your life.

This March, we urge you to attend medical appointments and health checks and follow through on any referrals for blood tests or scans. Make a healthier you a priority!

Book Your Healthy Heart Check

Click one of the links at the bottom of the page and select:
a nurse or GP
an appointment time
then select ‘Healthy Heart Checks’.
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