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Why Use Telehealth?

Telehealth services are consultations between a health or medical practitioner and a patient, conducted through online video rather than face to face.

Video consultations can be very useful in situations where in-person assessment or treatment is not required. For those with limited mobility or remotely located, it can be much more efficient than attending a clinic.

Telehealth is being used successfully throughout the world, and proving to be a simple, cost effective and time-saving way for patients to connect with a doctor.


How Does it Work?

At Atticus Health, we use a highly secure software called Coviu (developed by the CSIRO) to conduct our telehealth consultations. This technology enables complete confidentiality and privacy.

To use telehealth, you’ll need access to a video camera on a mobile phone or computer, along with internet access. When you book, we’ll guide you through connecting to our system for your scheduled appointment.


How Does Payment Work?

At present, most telehealth consultations are not funded by Medicare. You’ll therefore need to pay by credit card before you can make a booking. Our online booking system will prompt you to enter credit card details as part of the process. This online payment gateway is completely secure.


Is Telehealth Consultation Right For Me?

Some health and medical needs will require a face to face consultation with your doctor. If you’re not sure if this is the case for you, please contact us on 1800 ATTICUS (1800 288 4287) to discuss your needs. 

At the current time, this service is limited to consultations with Dr Floyd Gomes. If you would like to see another doctor, you’ll need to arrange an in-person consultation. We are working to increase the number of doctors and time slots available through our telehealth service as it develops. 

To book your telehealth appointment now, simply click the button below.