Atticus Health Department of Skin Surgery

Within our team, we have a number of doctors who have progressed to gain special qualifications in skin surgery and maintain operating lists within the clinics.  These doctors form the core of the Atticus Department of Skin Surgery.

The Department meets on a regular basis to share knowledge and stay up to date as a group, in keeping with the two key departmental objectives of continual education and improvement of all patient outcomes.

Some of the conditions we can surgically treat are:

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Workplace health

Skin cancer

Both melanoma and non melanoma skin cancer have a high incidence in Australia. As part of our service, we are happy to conduct full body skin checks. If picked up early, most skin cancers are treatable, within the clinic. In particular, we encourage you to be aware of any skin spot that is changing, growing larger or bleeding, or simply, just worries you because it "sticks out" from the rest. And of course, please do remember that when it comes to skin cancer, prevention is always better than cure. So, wear a hat, apply sunscreen and avoid getting sunburnt.

Lumps and bumps

It is also common that during our lives various other lumps and bumps may emerge from time to time. These could be: cysts, limposas, warts and skin tags to name a few. Our doctors are happy to examine, diagnose and advise on suitable treatments of any lumps and bumps. This treatment may include surgery, much of which can be performed safely and effectively at the clinic.

Wound management

Although often not requiring surgery, our team of doctors are able to consult on the suitable medical treatment and management of chronic wounds. This consultation can be delivered in person at the clinic or remotely via telehealth. This is a particularly useful service for elderly patients who may be housebound.

Dr Varun Deepak - Head, Department of Skin Surgery

Dr Varun Deepak held an esteemed position as a Specialist Dermatologist in India before coming to Australia. Locally, he found his calling as a GP with a passion still for skin conditions, in particular the surgical treatment of skin cancers and other lumps and bumps. He has operating lists in several Atticus clinics and plays a key role in education and coordination of our skin surgery services.

Risk Factors

Two in three Australians will be diagnosed with skin cancer by 70 and about 95% of skin cancers are treatable if found early. Risk factors for skin cancer include:

- Previous skin cancer, including melanoma
- A family history of skin cancer
- Fair or freckled skin, especially those with skin that burns easily
- Red or fair hair and light-coloured eyes (blue or green)
- Lots of moles on their body
- Current or previous occupation involving outdoor work
- A weakened immune system
- Certain skin conditions, including sunspots.

To learn more, or make an appointment for your annual skin check, contact your local clinic.