December 18, 2018|Community

Patterson Lakes Secondary College Scholarships

Why give out a scholarship?

Some of our Carrum based Doctors and nurses have had the amazing opportunity to work with some of the incredible staff and students over at Patterson Lakes Seconday College, through our “Doctors in schools” program.

At Atticus, we really value education and being involved and able to support the local community, and during our time together with these fantastic fellow local community members, we realised we all held very similar passion, purpose and values through our day-to-day life and work. Evident through the Patterson Lakes Secondary College Principal’s message on their website, which you can read below;

Why Patterson Lakes?

“For 50 years we have provided young people with diverse experiences in a caring learning community. The passion of our staff in providing students with the opportunities to chase their dreams is what sets us apart. The College has numerous partnerships with local community groups, seeing itself as an important hub of the local community.Patterson River prides itself on recruiting high performing staff who match the values of the school: Persistence, Excellence, Community & Respect; along with providing staff with excellent ongoing professional development and training. ”

After experiencing all of this in person through all of our involvement, we decided to take the next step to support our local community and specifically those younger members within it. As we have had a fantastic relationship with Patterson River Secondary College over the years, and from that we decided to provide two Patterson Lakes students with a scholarship. As Patterson Lakes and its students are a school with a very bright future, and we wanted to help out in whatever way we could.

We were proud to provide these scholarships to these incredible students

The two really hardworking and dedicated students that were selected were:

1. Thomas Year 10 – going into year 11

2. Linda Year 12 – going on to uni

What was the scholarship exactly?

Each winner received $2500 towards their future education, providing $5000 in total towards the future of two extremely bright and talented students whom will go on to go great things for themselves and their communities.

The students received their awards at their presentation night last year on December the 12th 2018.  Floyd, the Atticus Health Director, was absolutely thrilled to be invited to make a short speech and present the prizes to the well deserved winners. We wish them the best of luck and all the hope for their bright futures ahead.

We want to give particular thanks to Lisa Cavey – Vice Principal, Daniel Dew – Principal as well as all members of the Wellness Team, particularly Craig Waldron, for helping us make this happen.

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