June 23, 2022|Fitness

e15 Takes On Oz Comic-Con

Oz Comic-Con was held over the weekend of June 11-12. Two days of absolute ecstasy. Emotions ran high as we saw all our favourite movie and comic characters.

But we weren’t there to squeal with excitement, we were there to showcase e15 to the world.

During day 1 we went through around 35 out of our 45 cases of e15. There are 12 bottles per case. Meaning we had around 420 bottles of Blood Orange Zing e15 circulating Comic-Con throughout the day! Quite an impressive stat when you take into consideration the size and amount of time our drink has been around.

An impressive first day left us scrambling to find more cases of e15 back at our headquarters in Highett. We loaded up another 25 and returned to Comic-Con for day 2! To our surprise, day 2 did not hold back. It was just as busy as day 1 and we found ourselves handing e15 drinks out left, right and centre.

With the reviews taken from Comic-Con, we were able to truly see what people think of e15. This will help us in the future with research and development.

In total from the event, we took over 370 email addresses. From this our army of e15 warriors has begun to grow.

The future looks promising, and with e15 drink fridges now being installed in all Atticus clinics in Victoria, it will soon be much more accessible.

If you haven’t yet tried the e15 drink, keep an eye out for it in our local Atticus Health clinic! We’d love to know what you think about it!



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