January 18, 2019|Community

Community Art Initiative

We are so so excited to announce our latest community initiative!We are joining forces with several local artists, to bring more beautiful local art to the community, to build stronger relationships with those within our communities, and spread awareness of the wonderful local businesses around and all the great things they are doing for the community. So far we have one in place and another in the works.

Somerville Community House – Atticus Health Somerville

Now when you now step into our Somerville Clinic to visit our fantastic staff, you will see we have moved our beautiful drawings from our younger patients to bring more colour towards the back of the clinic. You will also see some new art pieces! Intricate and colourful work from Michele Cleaver, the Arts & Crafts program coordinator from the Somerville community house.

We are so please to have the Somerville community house on board for this initiative, they are an incredible community resource that provide so many of our locals with such wonderful activities and support. The Somerville community house offer a wide range of programs and are such a lovely bunch of people and we are so pleased to be strengthening our connection with them. All of the work on display in the clinic are available for purchase. The money from which will go toward supporting Michele, the artist, as well as the community house and all the wonderful opportunities they provide the community.

We hope you all get a chance to appreciate Michele’s work in person, it was definitely time for some spicing up in the clinic! Always nice to keep things fresh and exciting.  If you would like to see more of Michele’s work you can check it out on our Facebook page or in our Somerville clinic and contact Michele through the Somerville community house website!


Creative Makes – Atticus Health Hastings

The second participant of the community art initiative that is getting involved with our Hastings location, is Creative Makes  a wonderful local art studio on High Street in Hastings offering some incredible art workshops to the local community. Creative Makes is ran by the wonderful Mel, whom is getting to do what she loves while helping spread the joy of art and the increase the fantastic opportunities available in Hastings.

Mel will be supplying art pieces from particular workshops she will be running over the coming months, below is a sneak peek of one of the pieces that will be going up in Hastings. This piece was created by 4 local families and their kids. These 4 families worked together, rotating to create this piece by following the workshop instructions.

We think the did an insane job! Creating something abstract and wonderfully colourful. The parents stepped outside of the box with their kids, got creative with some paint, and the kids got to have an amazing experience with their parents, all fully engaged and having a great time together, what could be more beautiful?

This MASSIVE piece, will be split into two and framed. Once framed it will be displayed in our Hastings clinic. This piece will have a price on it and if sold, the profits will go towards an Australian charity, chosen by Mel, Kids Thrive, a Victorian charity that helps kids lead creative change.

Kids Thrive is Victoria’s leading arts and community development organisation committed to child-led social change. Their vision is for all children to thrive and be empowered to lead creative community change. Nourishing connections between children and their local communities, developing children’s leadership skills, building their resilience and foster their capacity to drive positive change.

Their purpose is to foster positive outcomes for children and their communities by developing innovative arts and social justice programs in collaboration with specialists in children’s education, health, welfare and cultural diversity. Using the arts to tackle issues that children experience arising from trauma, disadvantage and cultural conflict, and to expand children’s creativity, communication and social skills.

Their programs are delivered in schools, community health centres and other safe and supportive, child-focused community settings throughout Victoria. They prepare children for a lifetime of self-determination, creative problem solving and community connection.

A beautiful charity that we are so excited to help Mel support.

We can’t wait to see what the rest of 2019 has in store for our community art initiative in our other clinics! Stay tuned!

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