January 13, 2022|Fitness Health

What We Measure, We Improve

With junk food, lack of exercise, and busy routines, our heart does not get the attention that it deserves. And that eventually leads to becoming a health problem that could be fatal or long lasting.

We often hear the saying that knowledge is power. The Welltory app on my iPhone puts that power into my hands. This health tracking app analyses my data, makes insights, and suggests a possible course of action.

We’re all guilty of keeping our health on the back burner and ignoring those subtle hints sometimes. Now I’m excited to have a scientifically backed tool that helps me monitor my health and wellbeing every day.

Welltory supports my Apple Watch & Strava app, and thanks to this, I can easily track my physical, mental, and emotional metrics right from the Welltory app. I must say, the app gives me some remarkably accurate key insights every morning. It analyzes different factors like my heart’s wellness, productivity, exercise, sleep and prepares smart health reports. I use the health reports to observe activities impacting my health, days when I’m over exercising (or not exercising enough) and tips to help me sleep better if I haven’t been sleeping enough.

It has become clear to me, after using the Welltory app in conjunction with my Apple Watch & Strava app for over a month, that the app is very capable of offering reliable health reports. Thus, I’ve made it my health & wellbeing companion for 2022!!!

P.S I’m not one of the 19 investors in the Welltory app, I just really dig how it’s supporting my physical, mental & emotional health.

What do you think?

Brett Thiedeman

Area Practice Manager & Workplace Health Manager

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