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Is There a Magic Energy Pill, Doc?

Is There a Magic Energy Pill Doc?

Not too long ago I was asked by a nurse, “I’m feeling tired all the time Floyd, is there a pill I can take that’ll help me?” I pondered this.

There are many medical causes of “fatigue”.  Yet, often times no medical cause is found.  The conclusions I discuss below are relevant to that scenario.  If you’re excessively tired, then it may well be worthwhile seeing your Doctor to check if there’s something medical at play, or whether it’s a symptom of mental health issues such as depression or anxiety.  However, if nothing comes up, then consider these contributions to boost your energy.


The first thing I’m going to say is that most of these things are to do with your mind.  A well geared mind does increase energy – that’s my finding.  So these are a few tips to increase your mental energy, which generally flows on to increased physical energy.


  1. Let go of being defensive. This can be tough.  Being defensive comes naturally as a response at times.  But, it can really eat people up during the day.  Being defensive at work, on the road, with family.  Man, that’s tiring.  Observe what people say or do, and see if you can look beyond being defensive to look at the facts, and simply choose an appropriate response, without the emotional storm of “defensiveness” coming into play.  Move on.  Change if you have to.  Or, assert your case (which is different to an emotional backlash).  Don’t let your heart rate get too fast, or teeth start to clench.  Relax, judge things on their merits and keep moving.


  1. Treat people around you as your equal. There is a rise of tribalism out there. I’ve read about it, I’ve heard about it, I’ve seen it.  The question is – who is your tribe?  Your family, your sports team? Your state, your country, your religion, your ethnicity, rich people, poor people, well dressed people, humbly dressed people?  When you look at people around you – on the street, on a bus, have fun with the notion of tribe, for sure.  But don’t take it too seriously.  If you can walk around during your day and see yourself in the eyes of another, on the bus, at that café, and it brings a smile to your face, which you share – a genuine moment – that exchange will in itself increase your energy, as your very being reminds you that that’s true – your real tribe is humanity and to go further – life itself.  That’s reality.  Promoting equality then, although at first an idea that may sound requiring of effort, is natural for your soul, and the practice of it – finding similarities in everyone around you, and seeing yourself in the eyes of another – will not only make your day degrees more enjoyable, it WILL increase your energy.  Likely, if we all do this, it will raise the collective energy level of our society.


  1. Perhaps a more obvious thing to say.  If you have a purpose, you’ll generally have more energy.  Connect with the things which you’re doing in the present, be it your job or family or any other pursuit.  That true connection and alignment with your having and being, will give you a drive you wouldn’t exist otherwise.  Think about what’s important to you and spend your time doing that thing.  Find purpose.


  1. Realise your fears and work to minimise them. A long time ago I read Napolean Hill’s famous book (or at least listened to the audiobook) – Think, and Grow Rich.  The title’s a bit harsh or greedy sounding, but the basic lesson is valid.  Your ultimate success or fate, hinges on your ability to carry through your belief and will.  Along the way, the book implores the reader to recognise their own fears, face them, and resolve to minimise them.  These fears are:
    • The fear of death
    • The fear of ill health
    • The fear of criticism
    • The fear of poverty
    • Fear of old age
    • Fear of loss of love

Now it’s rather tough for me to comment on all of them, even the importance of them.  But I think one thing is true.  Fear does sap energy.  Fear and worry.  Worry leading to procrastination and mental baggage of all sorts, reflecting indecision in the minds of people.  If you can keep deciding things during your day to “clear your head”, rather than leave things on a to do pile, and indeed, avoid basing your decisions on any particular fear – you’ll have more energy at the end of the day – for sure.

So there you have it.  I hope I haven’t sounded condescending or flippant.  And again, if you’re unduly tired, it may well be worthwhile seeing your doctor, to be sure.  However, the fact remains there – often your state of mind either increases your energy level, or robs it.  May this little article help your personal energy level rise!

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