June 25, 2021|Community From the Director

Farewell Dr Harry Imber

Dr Harry Imber has been working at William Street Clinic (more recently Atticus Health William Street) for 40 years, where he commenced there in partnership with Dr Kaz Czuba.  Harry will be retiring on 30 June 2021 and what a career it has been.

As a General Practitioner, Harry has always worked in the Melbourne CBD.  He has seen a variety of patients over the years, however, since working within the legal precinct of the city, Harry has accumulated many legal professionals as his patients.  Many solicitors, barristers, judges and QCs would know Harry and the work he has done over the years, and would be saying their goodbyes.

Our favourite observations about Harry include

  • His steadfast dedication and compassion. You can work in a job for many years and get tired.  Not Harry.  His vibrance and focus in his consult room, for each and every patient, has been ever present.
  • Running on time. Busy professionals in the city have relied on Harry to run on time, often so that they could get back to court.  Harry has maintained the uncanny knack of being thorough and running on time.  Not an easy feat for any GP to achieve.
  • Harry has been willing on every occasion to share his knowledge openly.  Within the larger group of Atticus Health, he has already proven himself to be a resource to junior doctors and we hope that this will continue post retirement.
  • His humility. There are only so many doctors who routinely put the rubbish out at a medical clinic.  Harry always did.  This is but one glimpse of the humility of the man.  To be professional, intelligent and humble, as Harry is, is rare.
  • His working relationship with reception, namely one Enza Percoco! What a delightful duo they have been.  We must admit that every time we have walked into William Street Clinic, it has felt like stepping into a classic sitcom where characters are set, conversations fly, but love always fills the room and wins the day.

With that said, from all of us at Atticus Health, we bid Dr Harry Imber a fond farewell and wish him all the best for a well-deserved retirement.  His demeanour and contribution as a doctor, colleague and friend will forever be remembered.

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