October 3, 2020|Atticus

A New Telehealth Paradigm

Telehealth is here to stay.  To what degree remains uncertain, but it is – here to stay.  And we want to part of that bright future.

And so, at Atticus Health, we have created a specialised work environment to support motivated doctors wanting to develop their telehealth acumen.  Our professional work environment is located at the Atticus Nucleus – 260 Highett Road, Highett, Victoria.  Features of Atticus Nucleus include:

  • A dedicated professional office
  • Automatic height adjustable desk
  • A 24 inch dual monitor set up
  • Internet via fibre at 1000 mbps
  • A receptionist directly outside your office door available at all times
  • Ample under cover carparking

But Atticus Nucleus isn’t only about work, it’s about having a bit of fun, staying fit along the way and allowing yourself to chill out.  So you’ll also find:

  • A competition grade table tennis table
  • A gym
  • A rooftop deck
  • A fully automatic coffee machine
  • End of trip facilities including a secure bike cage and shower
  • A highly convenient location near cafes, Woolies and Highett train station

Atticus Health has been a leader in the delivery of telehealth services and we look forward to growing our dedicated telehealth doctor team.  If you are interested in being a part of that bright future, please get in touch.

To apply, please email Dr Floyd Gomes – fgomes@atticushealth.com.au

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