If you are someone who cannot readily attend a medical clinic in Australia, the likelihood of you having a regular GP who sees you in daytime hours – is very slim.  You may be lucky that your family GP who’s clinic you were attending in the past, should be able to continue seeing you in your home or nursing home, but this is quite rare.  Elderly people specifically trying their best to be independent and remain in their homes, often struggle to engage a regular GP.  We want to be a part of the solution to this, on a national level.

Mobile GP is a program aimed at connecting patients who need a GP who can visit them at home, share house or nursing home, on a regular basis, to caring GPs who are willing to provide that service.  Mobile GP aims to fully support and at times subsidise the costs borne by GPs providing such home visiting services, around Australia, and in doing so, increase the amount of daytime home visiting services being offered.  We see this issue as that important, that we are really taking it on as a social mission.  It is incredible to us that in Australia today, you can get nursing services, carers and cleaners to your home during the day, but the fact is, it’s very difficult to organise a regular GP.  Yet, a regular GP is a crucial part of your healthcare team with an important function of coordinating many other services.  Through Mobile GP, Atticus Health will be a part of the solution to this, across Australia.

If you or someone you know needs a regular GP to visit you at home, share house or nursing home, please visit the Mobile GP website or call us on 1800 288 428 and we will try our very best to find a caring GP for you.

Note that we are looking for partners to help us deliver this important social outcome.  Please get in touch if you would like to help.

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A Nationwide Initiative

Mobile GP is a specific project of Atticus Health. It seeks to address the pressing issue of a lack of access to a regular GP for patients who cannot attend a medical clinic. These include the elderly living at home, residents of nursing homes, disabled people including victims of motor vehicle accidents and those with severe mental health issues.

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  • 6/2432 Frankston Flinders Road, Bittern Victoria 3918
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  • 18 Sinclair Street, Drouin Victoria 3818
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  • 2104 – 2106 Frankston Flinders Road, Hastings Victoria 3915
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  • Shop MM2, Somerville Central, 49 Eramosa Road West, Somerville Victoria 3912
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