Sun protection tips!

Welcome to summer!

With such a beautiful start to our summer weather, I thought I’d share some tips on how to keep ourselves protected from the sun. We all know the adage “Slip, slop, slap”, but did you know it’s been upgraded to include two new recommendations? Let’s see how we can keep ourselves safe in the summertime.

Slip – on protective clothing

A tshirt with a high neckline, long sleeves and thick fabric is the best protection from the summer sun. A rash vest is a great way to stay protected if you’re going in the water as well.

Slop – on plenty of SPF 50+ sunscreen

Remember, even on a cloudy day, the sun can still reach you by refracting through the clouds. Daily application of a facial moisturiser with SPF 30 or higher is a great practice to get into. Don’t forget to reapply after swimming or strenuous exercise.

Slap – on a wide-brimmed hat

Whether you prefer a nice straw sunhat or a sensible legionnaire’s hat, you should always have your hat ready to slap on your head before leaving the house.

Seek – shade

When out and about, seek the shadier option to walk along. Check which direction the sun is coming from, and choose the side of the road that the trees are best protecting you. However, if you’re having a picnic or barbeque in the park, be aware that dappled shade does not fully protect you, and you should take precautions to thoroughly keep yourself sun-safe.

Slide – on sunglasses

UV sunglasses are essential for anyone who spends time outdoors. Be sure to check that the sunglasses you purchase have UV protection to get the complete benefits.

If you want to be extra vigilant, the Bureau of Meteorology website includes in its forecast hours when sun protection is recommended, as well as the predicted UV index rate for the day. Sun protection is recommended when it is UV 3 or more. It’s always worthwhile to check out the BOM when planning a day out – you never know what to expect in our changeable state of Victoria. You might need sunglasses in the morning and an umbrella by midday!

So keeping these tips in mind, we can enjoy our glorious summer weather with confidence that we are all doing the best to protect our skin. Enjoy a sun-safe summer!


What do you want your children to remember?

Your chest is swelling..

You feel like it’s going to burst, you take a deep breath that enables the expansion, while your smile breaks across your face like a sunrise breaking over the horizon. Your eyes light up and glisten with unshed tears. You’re so proud…

You are so unbelievably proud. That’s your child, and you love them so much. They haven’t done anything particularly amazing, they’ve just stopped and told you they love you, given you a hug when you needed it most, helped their sibling, cleaned up after themselves or you’ve just spotted them sharing and playing with another child who looked lonely. Just something small, an everyday thing, that makes you appreciate all those little things that make life worth all the chaos.

These small fleeting moments of life are our memories that we carry throughout our journey, shaping us as humans – the only thing we truly own. We cherish them and actively seek out ways to create new or recreate old memories.

Our children’s memories matter to us even more than our own. We want them to experience all the good things life has to offer, we want them to feel and see every ounce of pride and love we feel for them and to always remember that we do, no matter what the future may hold. We want to provide them with the best and most efficient care possible. To be able to trust in a healthcare provider who will genuinely care for them, and not see them as just as a number but as an actual person, with memories and feelings that we want to preserve, maintain and continue to grow, learn and expand for years and years to come.

Make sure your child’s memories are in the right hands, by making sure their health is in the right hands. What do you want your children to remember when they look back across their life? Ensure it was of healthy happy years.

This coming year, make sure your health and that of your children’s is in safe hands and book in with an Atticus Health GP so you can look after your children’s and your memories for the long-term.

Happy Holidays, with love from Atticus Health.