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At Atticus Health, we respect the fact that as we get older, it would be nice to stay in our own homes. Therefore, we try to support our patients as best as we can with this. We have a comprehensive set of packages that help people stay in their own home, by offering them appropriate access to doctors and nurses at their home. Please look below to see which package may suit you.

Allocated Doctor Agreement – This is an agreement whereby for a yearly fee, you get access to your regular doctor, during the daytime. You can request that doctor to come as often or as little as you like. However, the knowledge that the doctor who is going to come is someone you know and trust – your regular doctor - is a relief when you need help at home. Through this service, we can also include the home teleconference service, as detailed below.

Home teleconference service – This service allows you to communicate with your usual specialist, from the comfort of your own home. This is a terrific service if you have complex needs and find it difficult to keep up with all your appointments. Be guided during your specialist appointment with your usual GP present to help you represent yourself and get the best overall management of your health issue in the most convenient way.

Over 75s Health Assessment –Sometimes it’s difficult for your GP to really understand your situations by interacting with you only in the clinic. Therefore, one of our nurses will be able to meet you in your home, at a time convenient to you, to discuss in detail how everything is going. The nurse will find out about what health issues you have, and how these needs are being met. They will look at your situation and help you access any government assistance that may be available for you. Your GP will get the information, and that will also give them a chance to better understand your needs and let you know if there are things that can be done to help.