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When you’ve got a chronic disease, whether it is arthritis, diabetes, heart disease or anything else, you really need to find someone to help guide you for the long term. Someone who’s interested in your condition and will help you get the most out of life by helping you control the symptoms of your disease and to slow its progression. Atticus Health is there for you. Together, by building a plan to address your concerns and to manage your condition from all angles, we will give you the peace of mind that everything that can be done is being done. Some of the features of our chronic disease service include:

  • A completely individualised management plan. Let’s work out where you want to be, and help get you there; one positive step at a time, together. When you have a chronic disease, we understand that it can be frustrating to need to see lots of different people, each of which deals with different aspects of your disease, yet come away still feeling like you’re not getting anywhere. We try our best at Atticus to listen to your concerns, your needs, and your expectations, and try to get you to the life you want to have. The plans that we create are not our plans – they’re yours, and together we can get there. Give us a try – you’ll see the difference!
  • A practice nurse. Available to do home visits, should you want someone to visit you, and to get a picture of how things are going for you at home. This information could be vital for your GP. Through better understanding of your problems, Atticus Health can help you find the best solutions. Meet our lovely nurses at the clinic.
  • Telehealth. Sometimes getting to your specialist appointments can be tricky. We provide the most technologically advanced communication options, including mobile teleconferencing facilities, whereby essentially we can put you in touch with your specialist, in our clinic, or even the comfort of your own home! As us how.
  • Latest research. When you have a chronic disease, it’s good to know that you’re receiving the best treatments. Your specialist will certainly help with this. However, even at a GP level, it’s nice to think that your local doctor is up to date and giving you the best advice. That’s precisely what we do at Atticus Health. All the staff here are constantly updating their knowledge and keeping up to date with the latest medical knowledge, both from Australia and around the world. Our advanced computer systems give us instant access to the best research, to give you the best, most updated advice and to help you to get to closer to living the life you want to live. Come and talk to us about the latest research and best treatments for you.