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Did you know that your fat is literally killing you? Fat is an active organ, not just something you carry around. Apart from just energy storage, it is active and can help contribute to making your body grow old. Animal studies conducted have shown that being obese really does cut many years off your life expectancy, not to mention lower your quality of life. As you’re aging, you’re much more likely to get one of the following diseases:

Heart attacks

Painful arthritis

Cancers – including colon, breast, endometrial

To mention a few! Put simply, you’re risking half your life becoming a misery. At Atticus Health, we believe ‘life is an experience’. Because we know how much your experience of life can be held back by being overweight, we are dedicated to helping you losing it.

The beliefs about weight loss we hold are:

  1. That obesity is a disease, contributed by our whole culture, not just the individual.
  2. That very low calorie diets do work
  3. That sprint, high intensity, short duration exercises do work
  4. That reducing even 5-10% of your bodyweight has major benefits
  5. That surgery and medical weight loss devices are of benefit for the right patient.
  6. That medications including Duromine may have a role to get you started
  7. That psychology has a big role to play, and that visual motivational tools can improve your outcome. Essentially, we have a program that helps you generate a picture of the new you, to have an image in your head you can focus on.

The above is based on the latest scientific evidence.

At Atticus Health, we are here to support you, not to criticize or blame. With your commitment and our professional guidance, together we can make your dream a reality! Feel free to have a look at the Optifast very low calorie diet range here . Optifast is scientifically formulated, and used by Monash Medical Centre, a major tertiary hospital in Melbourne.

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