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Stay healthy, together, by building a plan to avoid: internal cancer, skin cancer, heart disease, stroke, diabetes, osteoporosis, arthritis, and much more. We provide a range of professional health assessments to achieve this. These include

  • Over-40 health assessments. Hitting 40 used to be time for a midlife crisis, and the sort of time that’s it’s no longer fun to celebrate your birthday.

But why? You can take back your life. You’re wiser than you used to be. Get yourself together and charge into the second half of your life with renewed spirit and vigour. Talk to us about getting your body and mind back into control, and heading youth-wards again! To start with, perhaps it's time you considered improving the way you treat your skin? Check out some of our 100% Australian made skin care product range by clicking here.

  • Over-75 health assessments. These are done partly in your home by one of our friendly practice nurses coming to visit you, then completed with your doctor at the clinic. Look at the home visits section for more details.
  • Corporate health checks. These are done at your workplace. Our corporate health checks are particularly designed to motivate employees to take charge of their own health. A healthy worker is a happy worker, and time and time again it has been shown that our productivity at work, including our mental and physical stamina and creativity, are enhanced by having a healthy body. Let Atticus Health activate your business.