Have you –

  • Wondered about what natural remedies could help improve your life – however been a bit scared to try?
  • Got a naturopath and a separate GP and get conflicting advice about your health, leaving you a bit confused?

Come and talk to us. Essentially, at Atticus Health, we believe that:

  • Western medicine is very thorough. Widely used medications are rigorously tested and generally the side effects are known.
  • Naturapathic treatments do have a role in helping, and although sometimes less formally researched, have often been used for hundreds of years, to good effect.
  • However, the problem with some naturopathic medications is the quality and reliability of ingredient, and therefore potential for side effects and sometimes inferior results due to ‘fake’or poor products.

We tackle these issues so that you can get the best out of Western and naturopathic medicine by providing

  • GPs who believe in naturopathic medicine
  • Naturopaths who are professional and highly qualified, having completed 4 years of training
  • Both sharing your complete medical history and working tother towards a common goal – to improve your health and life.
  • A range of reliable, tested, quality products for sale – in the clinic and online.

Don’t deny yourself such a complete and safe approach to your wellbeing. Come and talk to our highly professional, open minded team of doctors, working together, now.