“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food”

  • Hippocrates


This famous quote rings true when the father of medicine Hippocrates coined it, and remains true today.  

Doctors use many drugs to improve people’s health, and drugs definitely have their place.  However, your diet is a drug, the most powerful drug.  And, if you are not taking care of your diet, then your health will never reach its full potential, regardless of what medications you’re taking.  

A classic example is a patient taking medications for high blood pressure, yet not limiting the amount of salt they consume in their diet (which raises blood pressure).  Some would argue “but the medication counters for my habit/ dietary indiscretion”.  Not a great logic.  Prescription medications have side effects, optimising your diet – generally doesn’t.  

Seeing a dietitian and working out a plan is a great way to get on the right foot and find direction about your diet.  

Let’s face it though – people often don’t like being told what to eat.  Sure, this may be true.  But – the fact of the matter is – it’s vitally true that you need to look at what you eat.  Remember also that we have been “sold” our diets in many ways.  Salt, fat, sugar – it’s a bit addictive to us almost.  And – it’s meant to be, so we buy more and eat more!  It’s a con really.  So, think of tending to your diet, and going back to healthy eating, as escaping “big business”, who’s really exploited many of us, again, with the usual aim – to make more money.  Considered this way – your dietitian is your friend and ally, and what you may spend on seeing them, is not really that much, particularly if you end up eating less – which will surely save you money (on food and medical bills) in the long run anyway ☺

Be brave – let’s discuss your diet and get serious about you eating healthy.  If you succeed at this, your life will change dramatically.