It’s not easy to quit smoking – you probably already know that. You’ve probably tried before, and failed and wondering now – what’s next? 

There are many ways Atticus Health can help you, and make it more likely that you won’t start smoking again.

In the past, quitting smoking meant ‘cold turkey’. Smoke today. Don’t smoke tomorrow, or for the rest of your life for that matter. However, at Atticus Health we recognise that there are different types of smokers, and we treat your problem specifically – and make a plan for you, working towards you gaining control, and no longer being addicted. The choices you make after this are yours. However, we’ll always be there to help you smoke less, and even try to quit.

What sort of smoker are you?

  • You used to smoke heavily, but have been cutting down lately, and now want to stop
  • You smoke heavily and really want to cut down
  • You smoke regularly and really want to stop
  • You smoke only when you drink, but even that’s making you feel guilty and you want to get fitter and quit the occasional habit, perhaps even cut down your drinking?
  • You’ve got anxiety or depression, and smoking is a release, but you’d like to change that.

Maybe you’re none of these. The point is, we want to find out what drives you specifically, only then we can help you get where you want to be. Come in and have a chat. Together we’ll get you back in control of your smoking habit!

Some of the things we use to help you quit include:

  • Counselling – we’ll give you professional strategies to help avoid or deal with the urge to light up. This includes a unique quit smoking contract and cigarette storage service. This service is FREE and EXCLUSIVE to Atticus Health. Ask us more about how it works.
  • Quit Smoking Naturally options. If you’ve been thinking about going ‘cold turkey’, but would like help to decrease the stress and edginess along the way, then Remotiv – a natural extract of St John’s Wort has been proven to help quit smoking. Together with our professional support, it could be the thing that gets you over the line, and helps you make the biggest change in your life a reality, and loving the new smoke free you!
  • Prescription medications – including Champix, which have been shown to increase success rates significants
  • Prescription nicotine patches – a proven way to deal with your addiction

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You can do it! We can help you get motivated. Not to just quit smoking, but to add to your life – a healthy diet and exercise, to get your positive energy flowing, and you looking and feeling great! Contact us today, and find out more about all the ways we can help including our FREE and EXCLUSIVE cigarette contract and storage service!