Clinical Hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy is a powerful, natural method that is growing in popularity and evidence base. It is now scientifically proven to help in a range of issues, such as stopping smoking, managing weight, stress/ anxiety amongst many other issues.  The sessions utilise many psychotherapeutic techniques, counselling, coaching and hypnotherapy. Whatever is best for the client, there is no one size fits all!

The sessions are conducted by Lisa Hodgson.  Lisa is a caring and professional practitioner treating all of her clients with respect and empathy. Lisa is very passionate about the capacity for improvement, change and self- efficacy within everybody, regardless of age or circumstances.

With vast experience working with children and adults with emotional difficulties she has a range of therapeutic techniques and tools to build a trusting relationship, explore issues safely, build resilience and coping skills and help create change at a deep and lasting level.

Lisa has worked for over 10 years in both the Education and Community sectors. This has included intensive work with children in crisis and social disadvantage. Lisa also developed the services for and managed a Sure Start Children’s Centre in the UK for the government providing interventions and support for struggling families and children.

Lisa’s work in schools gave her valuable experience in using creative methods and tools to engage and support children and teenagers with social and emotional difficulties. Combining these skills with hypnotherapy gives Lisa a wide range of strategies and techniques that can be used in fun and creative ways with children.