Atticus Health recognises the value of our 5 senses.  This is what allows us to experience and sample the world we live in.

Our ears and hearing are one of those senses.  Often times, particularly as we age, our hearing gets poorer.  If you concerned about this – come in and have your hearing checked.  This is a simple and valuable exercise.

Of particular importance, your hearing (and other senses) lets you stay in touch with the world.  Staying socially connected is one way to delay or avoid the onset of dementia.  Apart from this, maintaining your senses also helps you decrease the risk of having a fall.  

Important to say also that although in the past, you virtually had to sell your car to afford quality hearing aids, they are now much cheaper and within reach of many people.  And – they work ☺


If you’ve got any concerns about your hearing, talk to one of our Doctors about it, and they’ll point you in the right direction.