Atticus Health Bittern

6/2432 Frankston Flinders Road

BITTERN Vic 3918

History of Bittern

Bittern is a lovely seaside town located in the Mornington Peninsula.  Its history dates back to being part of the Coolart Pastoral run of the 1860s.  For the uninitiated, what is a “pastoral run”?  It’s an area of Crown land that was leased to a squatter or free settler or ex-convict for the purpose of running livestock. 

The town is named after a local bird – the Australasian Bittern.  This is a shy, large brown wetland bird that is a member of the Heron family. 

Australasian Bittern Bird

Bittern railway station was opened in 1889.  It is located about 49km southeast of Melbourne’s central business district.

Today Bittern has still managed to retain that country town feel and many acreages can still be found.  Because of the ambience of the area, there is a now a mix of both retirees and young families moving here, starting to build on the local population. 

Vintage Bittern Fire Engine


Atticus Health Bittern

I had always been interested in Hastings, and driven up there sometimes.  But I’d rarely gone further down Frankston-Flinders Road.  So one day I did.  I in fact drove all the way down to Flinders stopping off at many a beach.  It was amazing.  At lunchtime I sat in my old Landcruiser at Point Leo, looked at the waves, had a sandwich in the car, and like a lizard basking in the sun, fell asleep.  When I woke up, I thought, this place (the Mornington Peninsula) is awesome.  I reluctantly started my engine and headed back to Frankston-Flinders Road.  On driving past a shopping centre “Bitternfields” I noted a “For Lease” sign.  The shopping centre was quaint, and the Bakery smelt good!  It had a good vibe.  And, opposite the station.

Later that day I did some research and realised that the town, Bittern, didn’t have its own medical clinic.  A population of 3,500, and no medical clinic… hmm. So I rang the agent and whatever he said didn’t quite capture me, until he said – wait “are you a Doctor?”.  Now, that’s often a leading question, but I answered it respectfully – “Yes, I am”.  It then became apparent that there was a plan in place for a medical clinic but for whatever reason, it fell through.  Being in the right place at the right time!  That was November 2014.  Atticus Health Bittern opened the following February 2015.  I hope that Bittern’s first medical clinic continues to become a focal, and important part of the community. 

To celebrate, we had a party at our neighbour’s house – Chili & Lime Thai restaurant! What a great night!

The clinic at Bittern has 3 doctor’s rooms, a pathology room and a treatment room.

At the medical clinic in Bittern, we provide a full range of medical care including the following services

-          Pathology collection

-          General Practice

-          Psychology

-          Pap smears

-          Skin checks

-          General check ups

Atticus Health Bittern is well supported by the Atticus Regional Medicentre, located up the road in Hastings.  So, the folks at Bittern now get the best of both worlds – the personalised service and proximity of a small medical clinic located in their own town, with the resources and access to the longer opening hours of a large medicentre, which has access to their medical file, located a few minutes away.  Let’s be honest, its early days, but I hope Atticus can prove itself to be a valuable member of the community. 

Myers Road, Bittern