Atticus Regional Medicentre (ARM) - Hastings

2104 – 2106 Frankston Flinders Road

HASTINGS,  Vic 3915

Phone: 5979 7777

Fax: 5979 7700

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The town of Hastings

Hastings is growing!  Hastings started off as a fruit growing and fishing town in the 1840s.  In fact, the town was named Hastings after a fishing town in England.  The town continued to grow when the Navy decided to create a major training base in nearby Crib Point.  That training base opened in 1914 – then known as the Flinders Naval Depot, now known as HMAS Cerberus.  

Industry continued to grow with Esso and BHP starting up oil refineries and steel manufacturing at Hastings. Nowadays, the remaining industry there is located at Long Island Point.  This site, opened in 1970 is the joint project of BHP and Esso.  BHP produce steel (colourbond) there.  Esso carries out the final stages of processing of liquid gas (ethane, propane and butane) and stores crude oil there.  Long Island Point continues to be a major manufacturing hub in Victoria.  


From a wilderness and recreation point of view, Hastings has many open grassy areas.  And, despite all the development just mentioned, there are still plenty of orchards, paddocks and cows around!  Which is nice!  There’s not much of a swimming beach, but the muddy mangroves form an intriguing landscape of their own and impressive to see. 


So where to now for Hastings?  Hastings is a natural deep water port.  There’s been much political toing and froing about whether the Port of Hastings will expand to become Victoria’s main container port.  This has kept the town guessing about its future.  However, irrespective of whether the port eventually gets expanded or not, Hastings is growing!  There are units and houses popping up, and builders look busy to me!  So, it would seem that Hastings, no longer just a sleepy fishing town, is developing into something of a bustling place – albeit, still offering visitors and locals alike, the opportunity to take a slow boat ride and remember days gone by. 

So what’s with the name?  The building is located on Frankston Flinders Road – a major road!  It is my hope that residents living in Hastings and beyond Hastings, who drive down Frankston Flinders Road, heading towards Flinders, will consider using the service.  In this way – we hope to be a resource to the “region”. 

I started to think about Hastings many years ago.  I heard so many people speak of the “expansion” of Hastings, it made me curious.  Then one day, whilst scanning the internet, I came across an ad on  It was that of a proposed medical centre to be built in Hastings.  A big one.  I went for a drive down to Hastings, having never been there before.  As I drove down Frankston Flinders Road, I passed a Bunnings Warehouse – promising, I thought.  The site was on a main road – busy.  I looked around, MacDonald’s, Caltex, KFC, Shell, a train station, police….  Holy moly, it’s all happening here I thought.  Then I had to go home and convince my wife – so for a little while, it wasn’t happening!  But… after something of a sales-pitch for the site and town of Hastings in general, it was happening again!  And, with trepidation I found myself now involved in a “big” project. 

But, the challenge is Hastings was always – can we make a big building still feel “homely”, and maintain the spirit of community and sincere helpfulness and kindness, on a larger scale.  That remains the challenge, but one we’re determined to succeed with.  And – though it’s a big building, we’ll always strive to keep things simple.  Simple is good for everyone.

As I write this now, the Atticus Regional Medicentre is still being built.  In fact, I have a date with the builder later today!  Here are some pictures of the work in progress.


Early days!


The roof is on… taking some shape.


The waiting area, with great sky views. 

It is hoped that the Atticus Regional Medicentre will become a true “medical home” for people.  What does that mean?  That you can come to ARM and no matter what your condition, you will find someone able to help you, and lots of options within the building.  Options would include both traditional and complementary types of medicine.  Options would include various allied health specialists, and nurses that could be there to support you. 

ARM is also strongly dedicated to keeping you well and making lifestyle changes.  To maintain a healthy diet, exercise, and not put on too much weight is something that most people know they should do, but often struggle.  It’s not surprising to me that we struggle.  After all, the minute you walk out of your Doctor’s room, there are so many forces acting to make you drink more alcohol, eat more.  You walk into a service station and get told, if you buy 4 chocolate bars, you only need to pay for 2… why not buy 4 then.  You know what I mean.  At ARM – we want to help you create a wonderfully active, happy lifestyle.  Your partner in this, to help you win your personal battle.  How do we help you do this?

  • Our in house Exercise Physiologist.  Exercise physiologists are highly qualified medical professionals that specialise in helping people improve their lifestyle and get fit.
  • Onsite gym for patients
  • Weight programs
  • Rehabilitation programs
  • And – because we all genuinely give a damn about helping you improve your lifestyle – and really improve your life, not just throwing you a prescription, month after month!

Now, in 2018, we are open and have created a thriving community!


Here is the outside of our fully built clinic, which you can see as you drive down Frankston-Flinders road.


Inside we house a nice seating area, as well as a cubby house for the kids to have a play in! Below you can see our treatment room, as well as our gym which houses our exercise phyisologist and group fitness classes.


We hope that you choose to come and visit us and see what we have to offer the community! We look forward to hearing from you soon!