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The town of Somerville

Somerville is located 53km from Melbourne's central business district.  Sounds far right?  Not at all really.  It's just a hop skip and a jump off Peninsula link and forms part of Western Port.

Somerville was originally occupied by Europeans from 1840.   The area became renowned for nurseries and fruit growing.  The first Horticultural show at Somerville was held in 1895 - a big event indeed representing the largest such show in the Southern Hemisphere at the time!

In 1889 - the railway was opened.  The first school - 1864.  

This is a photo of the building that served as both the school AND the church at Somerville.

Currently, with schools, transport, shopping centres yet still a rural feel, the town now is growing rapidly.  The 2011 census revealed a population of 10,730.

Somerville - has a big future, one Atticus feels proud and lucky to be a part of.  


About clinic

Attached to a pharmacy, our clinic at Somerville is aimed to be really handy for everyone.  

The story goes that the location was always a medical clinic, however the previous Doctors were moving out.  We looked at the location and realised instantly that YES - there is STILL a clinic needed in this shopping centre - and so we did it.  As they say, the "show must go on".

What I really liked about Somerville is we now had a team of people I had known for some time, who were just so willing to help me out.  On the Friday, I spoke with the unsaid Atticus team - our signage team led by Luke and Travis from our IT team (who, in true form said - sure Floyd, drop the server off at my house over the weekend and I'll get it started). I spoke with Donna, our part time receptionist from Carrum and said to them all "let's do this".  I spoke to Alex, our handyman and sparky, (who was at my house having a coffee and fixing all the things the kids had broken - including most toilet roll holders) and said, Alex - I'll need your help at Somerville soon.  ALL were supportive and instantly said, sure, we'll meet you Monday morning, or whatever, and make this happen straight away.   That weekend I spoke with my web developer and buddy Ron - and we were on track.

I reflect on this feeling of support, and how different it was to when we opened Carrum, and had to Google things to find a "team" to open a medical clinic.   When I walked people through what was a cafe and a backyard filled with weeds, trying to sell them a vision that some frankly didn't buy and looked at me as if I was loony!  This time, it felt like being in the "pits" of a formula one team, where everyone was ready to go :)  What I'm getting at is that we had built up relationships of trust with other businesses and people over the years and those seeds had grown, and beyond the walls of the clinic, I knew I had people I could turn to for help, and to ask all sorts of questions.

Maybe I'm stating something obvious, and that every person in business knows about and takes for granted - relationships.  But for me, the rate of accomplishment and the synergy behind it, humbled me, and made me feel alive all at once.  Business, is about being busy doing something positive as a contribution to the public - something they want.  And a narrow minded view would have it that it's all about profit.  But, I think it's more than that.  It's about learning to get along with people, forming relationships of trust, achievement and creativity.   And - having a coffee or laugh along the way.  And that feeling - is what I'll remember about setting up Somerville.   Atticus, although at this stage, had grown, we remained a grass roots operation, built on relationships of trust, honesty and simplicity.  

That's how it goes internally, and hopefully - what you feel and experience as our patient too.  

Now back to the point, Somerville Central is a very handy shopping centre!  And, our clinic there is conveniently nestled between a major pharmacy and Dorevitch pathology - perfect!

As I write this now, I don't actually have any photos/ pictures to show you... except to say - they'll come :)  Anyway, I know it will be an AMAZING place, and I hope that whoever walks in the doors benefits from a holistic service that cares about you as a whole person, and wishes to help you improve your life - according to your dreams and goals.