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Carrum Victoria 3197

Carrum is a beautiful place.  From the mouth of the Patterson River, to the beach itself, to the village culture as you stroll down Station Street, you’ll feel it.  Carrum and surrounding suburbs have been around for a while.  In fact, it’s not uncommon to meet a fourth generation local! 

The Carrum Carrum Swamp was an area of some 52 square kilometres of swampland.  The Eumemmering Creek used to flow into it, and to avoid the part of the swamp near Carrum flooding, several manmade waterways were created.  This included the “Patterson Cut” which was dug in 1878 forming the Patterson River and eventually the suburb of Patterson Lakes.  

Nepean Hwy - Carrum, circa 1920. How time flies!

This photo was provided by an iconic character and gentleman of the area - Norm Stephens. The double storied shop reads W.Stephens - Norm's grandfather. Built 1916. Now that's what I call a local!

You may notice that the statue on the left upper near the train line has these days found a place on the lawns closer to the mouth of the Patterson River. Still standing strong.

The Anzac statue in its new location. 

Patterson River – early days!

This is a picture of Norm and his Grandson “Max”.  All in all – making Max a 5th generation Carrum local!

Atticus Health Carrum

The clinic is located just opposite Carrum Station!  So if you need to see a Doctor before or after you catch the train to work – you can!  Over the past few years, Station Street Carrum has come alive.  It’s now a rich network of local businesses including great coffee shops!

Inside the medical clinic itself you’ll find an atmosphere hopefully akin to a cosy home.  Indeed it must be remembered that the clinic was a transformation of a café and rear brick veneer 3 bedroom house. In fact, the original occupants of the house have come to visit and recollect some Doctors rooms as their bedroom.  However, the examination couch just isn’t quite the same as a bed!

The Boatshed Café – took a bit of work to transform into a medical clinic!  

Here I put the reception desk in place – and found it could work.  I thought – thank heavens for that!  With its granite top, the desk is one heavy piece of furniture.  You’ll notice the blackboard on the right hand side wall.  We kept that – because it’s just got so much character and I always thought it nice to retain something from the past.  We write motivational quotes on it now.

Meticulous planning went into every aspect of the construction of Carrum.  The glass brick windows are worth particular mention.  Each brick was specially chosen.  Each window paints a particular picture.  

Meticulous planning…

The end result!

The old lounge room…




The new treatment room!

Eventually we opened and a magical atmosphere, right from the waiting room – grew 

The edgy exterior to the clinic, made sure Station Street Carrum was never the same!

And – not long after… we had a party to celebrate J

Along the way, I must say “thank you” to a special friend of mine, Sang Le.  

Sang was a close high school friend who helped us set up all of this.  He was at the clinic, often times daily – getting it on its feet.  Sadly, Sang passed away in 2015.  He is dearly missed.

The people who have since joined Atticus Health Carrum have really built it into the place it is today.  There are some longstanding staff, and newer staff.  And, like any place, people have come and gone.  However, throughout, it remains a place where the culture is one of support, understanding and where everyone can feel welcome.  

Atticus Health Carrum involves itself in many areas of health in the local community.  We do:

-          Skin checks

-          Iron infusions

-          Health assessments

-          Nursing home visits

-          Retirement village visits

-          Talks at various community groups

-          Hypnotherapy

-          Psychology

-          Dietetics

-          Physiotherapy

-          Hearing tests

Lots of things!


When a child is sick - TLC goes a long way.  And, most kids LOVE to have someone read with them. Often, our doctors have called a child from the waiting room, and interrupted him or her reading with mum or dad contently.   We’ve found it sad that they have to put the book away.  Added to this, we've been humbled by the kind donations from patients of toys and books to the children's waiting area.

So - At Atticus Health, we built a large library of children’s books. This allows all sick kids to simply take the book which they're reading (and others) home - and simply return it next time, or when you're next passing by the clinic. There's no limit, time frame or barcodes to scan - just honesty. 

Our Dr Seuss collection at Carrum!


Carrum is also unique in so much as it has its own local radio station – Radio Carrum.  Dr Floyd Gomes has a show on that radio station.  The show is called “Atticus Health with Dr Floyd”, you can check it out here  It deals with a variety of medical topics and often features a guest speaker.