Atticus Health Bittern

6/2432 Frankston Flinders Road

BITTERN Vic 3918

History of Bittern

Bittern is a lovely seaside town located in the Mornington Peninsula.  Its history dates back to being part of the Coolart Pastoral run of the 1860s.  For the uninitiated, what is a “pastoral run”?  It’s an area of Crown land that was leased to a squatter or free settler or ex-convict for the purpose of running livestock. 

The town is named after a local bird – the Australasian Bittern.  This is a shy, large brown wetland bird that is a member of the Heron family. 

Australasian Bittern Bird

Bittern railway station was opened in 1889.  It is located about 49km southeast of Melbourne’s central business district.

Today Bittern has still managed to retain that country town feel and many acreages can still be found.  Because of the ambience of the area, there is a now a mix of both retirees and young families moving here, starting to build on the local population. 

Vintage Bittern Fire Engine


Atticus Health Bittern

I had always been interested in Hastings, and driven up there sometimes.  But I’d rarely gone further down Frankston-Flinders Road.  So one day I did.  I in fact drove all the way down to Flinders stopping off at many a beach.  It was amazing.  At lunchtime I sat in my old Landcruiser at Point Leo, looked at the waves, had a sandwich in the car, and like a lizard basking in the sun, fell asleep.  When I woke up, I thought, this place (the Mornington Peninsula) is awesome.  I reluctantly started my engine and headed back to Frankston-Flinders Road.  On driving past a shopping centre “Bitternfields” I noted a “For Lease” sign.  The shopping centre was quaint, and the Bakery smelt good!  It had a good vibe.  And, opposite the station.

Later that day I did some research and realised that the town, Bittern, didn’t have its own medical clinic.  A population of 3,500, and no medical clinic… hmm. So I rang the agent and whatever he said didn’t quite capture me, until he said – wait “are you a Doctor?”.  Now, that’s often a leading question, but I answered it respectfully – “Yes, I am”.  It then became apparent that there was a plan in place for a medical clinic but for whatever reason, it fell through.  Being in the right place at the right time!  That was November 2014.  Atticus Health Bittern opened the following February 2015.  I hope that Bittern’s first medical clinic continues to become a focal, and important part of the community. 

To celebrate, we had a party at our neighbour’s house – Chili & Lime Thai restaurant! What a great night!

The clinic at Bittern has 3 doctor’s rooms, a pathology room and a treatment room.

At the medical clinic in Bittern, we provide a full range of medical care including the following services

-          Pathology collection

-          General Practice

-          Psychology

-          Pap smears

-          Skin checks

-          General check ups

Atticus Health Bittern is well supported by the Atticus Regional Medicentre, located up the road in Hastings.  So, the folks at Bittern now get the best of both worlds – the personalised service and proximity of a small medical clinic located in their own town, with the resources and access to the longer opening hours of a large medicentre, which has access to their medical file, located a few minutes away.  Let’s be honest, its early days, but I hope Atticus can prove itself to be a valuable member of the community. 

Myers Road, Bittern


Atticus Health Bittern

Shop 6/2432 Frankston Flinders Road, Bittern Vic 3918

Phone: (03) 5983 6888


Monday to Friday                    9:00am to 5:00pm      

Saturday                                  Closed

Sunday                                    Closed

Public Holidays                       Closed



Dr Geetanjali Sharma M.B.B.S., F.R.A.C.G.P.

Special interests include: Women’s health, paediatrics

Dr Sai Andey M.B.B.S., A.N.Z.S.G.M.

Special interests include: Chronic Disease Management, Ear, Nose and Throat medicine, Geriatrics, Mental Health and Dermatology








Appointments may be made by calling the clinic, online or using the HotDoc phone app. Please ask our reception staff how you can book your online appointment or using the HotDoc app.

The duration of a standard appointment is 15 minutes. If you require a longer appointment, are a new patient, require a medical report, review of a complex health problem, counselling or emotional difficulties, or if more than one family member is wanting to see the doctor, please advise reception so they can ensure enough time is allocated.

If your matter is urgent and you require immediate attention, please advise reception.

As we are a teaching practice, we do at times have Medical Students. You will be advised prior to your consultation. Please let reception know if you do not wish a medical student to be present at your consultation.


For after hours and the days we are closed, please call our after-hours service, PALS, directly on:

5979 8200. In the event of an emergency, please call 000 for an ambulance.


We ask that you advise well in advance if you are unable to attend your appointment. For patients who fail to attend an appointment or do not advise of their cancellation within 12 hours of their scheduled appointment time, a cancellation fee of $37.00 may be charged.


We encourage patients to come to the practice if at all possible so we can deliver optimal care with full access to practice facilities and equipment.

House calls and visits to residential aged care facilities are available to patients who are local residents if they are too ill or incapacitated to attend the surgery. These visits will be at the discretion of the doctor.


We predominantly bulk bill. There may be some procedures that attract an out of pocket expense. Your GP will advise if this is the case for your procedure.


We understand the importance of our patients being able to have access to a member of the clinical team by telephone or electronic means to discuss their care, when circumstances make it impossible to attend the clinic for an appointment. However it is not our standard practice to forward calls to our doctors, and patient queries generally require an in-person appointment.

Reception staff will either attempt to resolve the enquiry, or ensure that a message is sent to the doctor or nurse requested if that is necessary. We advise our patients only to communicate with us via email for matters of a general nature, as privacy and confidentiality are not guaranteed with this method.


Atticus health uses a computerised reminder system to provide systematic health care.

Reminders are used for Health Assessments, Care Plan, Vaccinations, Pap Smears, and other matters considered to be important for patient care and prevention.

Patients will be consulted before their participation is confirmed and are able to opt out at any time.


An appointment is required for all test results. To maintain confidentiality, results will not be given over the phone.

Please ask your doctor at the time of your appointment how long it will take for your test results to be received so that a convenient appointment can be made.

All results are checked and assessed by your doctor. If a result requires urgent action a doctor or nurse will make immediate phone contact with you to make an urgent appointment.


The policy of Atticus Health, and for medico legal purposes, is that an appointment is required with your doctor for all repeat prescriptions and referrals.


Patients who do not speak English or who are more proficient in another language may utilise the Translating and Interpreter Service Tel: 1300 131450. Alternatively, a friend of family member may aid with translation.

For hearing impaired patients, the services of AUSLAN (Tel: 1300 287526) is available. Please discuss your needs with reception


Your feedback is always welcome on the services we provide. This is important for us to help improve our service and meet your needs.

If you are unhappy with any aspect of the care you receive from this practice, we would like to know about it. Please feel free to contact our Practice Manager.

If you are dissatisfied with the way your complaint was resolved contact the Health Services Commissioner on Free call 1800 136 066 or visit the website  


Our policy is for all patients to be provided with sufficient information about the purpose, importance, benefits, risks and possible costs associated with proposed investigations, referrals or treatments, to enable patients to make informed decisions about their health and wellbeing.


Atticus Health complies with The Victorian Health Records Act 2001 and the Commonwealth Privacy Act 1988, together with the Privacy Amendment [Private Sector] Act 2000.

Atticus Health has a ‘Privacy Policy’ which outlines how we manage information about you and how you may access that information. If you would like a copy of our ‘Privacy Policy’ please ask our reception staff.