Exercise Physiology

One of the key roles a medical centre has to play in the community is to help people stay well and avoid getting sick or needing to go to the hospital.  To achieve this, we really need to tend to our “lifestyle” - diet and exercise.  As everyone knows... easier said than done!

However, how can your medical clinic truly help you do this?

At Atticus, we’ve thought up a unique and innovative way to help you.  This is how:


  1. We have an in-house Exercise Physiologist.  Like a personal trainer, an exercise physiologist is a bit of a “lifestyle coach” to guide to a healthy lifestyle and help keep you there!  Exercise physiologists have spent many years at university gaining the knowledge to help you make an individual plan that works for you, and fits into your life.


  1. We have an in house gym! See our Atticus Health Membership page for details about this :)


  1. We have doctors that really care about making sure you stay really fit and healthy and hopefully loving life!  If you have a chronic disease, they will be able to refer you to the exercise physiologist for one on one and group sessions.