Why do we care about the workplace?

Once, when I was attending a talk the speaker, who was an expert in public health mentioned that “everything we say as a GP largely goes out the window once the patient leaves our office, because the forces of the outside world are much stronger”.  What he was saying struck a chord in my.  Was all my talking to patients a waste of time?

In part it is.  Because what he said is true.  There are so many pressures “out there” weighing against a healthy lifestyle, so much so that what we do and say as medical professionals really does end up taking a back seat “our there” in the community.

So where is “out there”?  Atticus gets involved in clubs and our Doctors speak at various functions.  However, the average person spends approximately 50% of their life at work.

So - a large part of our patients “out there” represents their jobs.  And, we want to help people REALLY change their lives. 

For that reason – we started getting involved in Corporate Health.  However, the version of corporate health that Atticus subscribes to is a little bit different to your standard yearly health check and flu vaccination and you’re done type mentality.  Corporate Health in our eyes is involving ourselves in a change of culture for a workplace.  Helping management truly steer entire organisations to break the shackles of a sedentary environment at work including the reorganisation of spaces to allow this to happen.

Where did this all spawn from?  My own family genes are prone towards diabetes and heart attacks.  And, whilst I love my job – the one and one with a patient, ultimately I’m still a desk jockey!  I found myself running down the ramp to meet patients, I sometimes do push-ups between patients to use my muscles and straighten my back.  Crazy?  NO!  The negative health effects of a sedentary workday are NOT counteracted by going home and exercising like mad.  It’s important to keep your day active.  That’s what we at Atticus want to help companies achieve, as much as getting health checks and flu vaccines.  And personally, if I do get diabetes or have a heart attack – heck, I tried my best.

The other part of that coin is time.  For many people, they get home and need to spend time with their family.  It’s a real battle to find time to go home and then exercise.  If a source of employment also became a source of physical vitality – so much so that a worker comes back feeling “healthier and happier” for that experience – how much more fulfilled will they be in their job?  A great deal more!  And, will they function better and be more productive, take less sick days?  Yes.  Many studies have conclusively demonstrated this.

Aligning all these thoughts, again, as medical professionals, we at Atticus would be thrilled to be a part of your workplace culture change.  We approach the job with an open mind, and concentrate on ways of change that would present themselves as FUN as well as healthy for your staff.  Our corporate health team consists of a broad mix of people including General Practitioners, Nurses, Hypnotherapists, Exercise physiologists, dieticians and psychologists.  Ultimately, we hope to tailor a program that is well suited to your needs and budget.  However, whatever program we embark on, you can expect will be delivered with detail, commitment and passion to make it something meaningful, effective AND exceeds your expectations by of increased productivity.

I think a few dot points here are due.  In a nutshell, Atticus – Corporate Health & Wellbeing strategies are unique and confer the benefit of a real change in workplace culture towards better mental and physical health.  This all leads to a lift in productivity and improved workplace relations. 

Our strategies feature the following aspects.

-          An advisory service and implementation of plans that challenge sedentary behaviour in the workplace, striving to make your workplace lively and filled with mental and physical vigour.  This can include our advice on the design of your space, as well as advice on how to best modify an existing space

-          Health assessments, skin checks and flu vaccination campaigns – that is, the traditional domain of corporate health

-          For larger commercial projects, we can help landlords achieve an ongoing health professional presence and advisory service within your complex.   This may leverage the use of technology (telehealth) as well as face to face interaction

-          A genuine passion for whole mind body medicine and an understanding that wellness is a proxy for happiness.  Our projects aim to deliver physical and mental health, and make it FUN

-          An open minded mentality and use of a variety of potential therapies and approaches to help you get there 

-          Thorough measurement and reporting of the outcomes of all projects

Please feel free to call us to discuss further.