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DROUIN Vic 3818

History of Drouin

Drouin was originally a dense forest, and so development was delayed. However, in 1870 a small settlement had developed. In 1878 the Gippsland Railway opened and what was known to be Drouin Junction was renamed as Drouin. Drouin took prominence as the administrative centre of the Buln Buln Shire.

In the 1880s a number of small sawmills operated in and around Drouin. By the 1890s Dairy farming started to become popular. Some of the produce included butter and cheese. In 1904 a co-operative butter factory was established in Drouin. The factory expanded producing casein, skim milk and butter-oil. However, it was eventually acquired by Bonlac (now Fonterra) and eventually closed down by that company. The town lost its largest employer at that stage.


Main street Drouin, circa 1944

Since that time the town has continued to grow. By 1993 there were 1,000 residents. By 1991 it was 4,100. Drouin now forms part of a combined urban area which includes Warragul. In June 2016 the urban population of this area was 35,353.

In February each year Drouin hosts a Ficifolia festival, celebrating the beautiful flowering gums which line the town's main street.


Drouin Ficifolias

Atticus Health Drouin

It's not such a secret that I love the countryside. Some people simply don't like driving - I love it. Every time I drive a road which I've never been on I feel like an explorer travelling to somewhere my body experiencing for the first time. Perhaps I should be jet setting around the globe, but that doesn't thrill me as much as learning about towns around me.

One day I took a rather random drive down West Gippsland way and loved it. I fell in love with the place. That school holidays I planned a family get away staying at a cabin in Neerim South. It so happened that whilst my family was out horse riding I had to stay in the cabin writing a Government report. Whilst doing that, I researched more about Drouin and realised that hang on - this place is booming! I found a quaint place which I thought would make a great location for a clinic, called up the real estate agent, and scheduled a meeting for during the week. After visiting Toorongo Falls and catching a few desperate trout at Alpine Trout Farm, Noojee the whole family wandered into Drouin, drove passed the house, stopped off at McDonald's Drouin and all round had a ball! We drove on to Korumburra to see Coal Creek - a place I myself had visited as a kid (Dad worked for the railways and loved trains!). So Atticus Health Drouin was a winner!

Since that time, I find myself making all sorts of excuses to drive there. Now I must comment on one thing - Drouin McDonald's has been the most happy, pleasant McDonald's which I have ever met. I know, I know, I'm a Doctor, and I shouldn't by rights be eating fast food too often - and I don't think I do, but I do - sometimes. Hey - I'm a father of 5 kids living somewhere in the middle - we do eat fast food sometimes. And, every time I've been to that McDonald's drive thru since, the staff have been just so friendly, great ambassadors for Drouin!

Now there's something else to say about Atticus Health Drouin - I had the right Doctor - Dr Sheetal Karande. Over the years I've learnt just how important the right people are to a place, and I know that Atticus Health Drouin will go well, because I know Dr Karande is working there. I have worked with her over the years, and so - she's a known quantity. I know she's a great Doctor.

As I write this, we've virtually only just opened the doors at Drouin, so who knows where this will all lead. However, one thing I do know, we'll remain committed to providing a medical clinic which has real IMPACT and creates a sense of BELONGING for patients and the community and we'll strive hard make the community of Drouin a stronger place as result of our involvement.


Atticus Health Drouin - Post working bee!