radio at footy

Atticus Health started in Carrum.  Carrum is a unique place in so much that it has it's own local radio station - Radio Carrum.  This is a terrific thing. Radio Carrum is an internet based radio station.  It was started at Carrum Primary school - the local public school.  Kids used to have the great experience of recording shows etc.  And so it grew. 



At some fortunate (hopefully no one would say unfortunate!) point, a new show was born - Atticus Health with Dr. Floyd.  The show covers all sorts of things medical, and has great guest speakers.  A local GP on a local radio show - is that ok?  Of course is it - what better way to get public health messages out there, and have a bit of fun wearing headphones, having a laugh, etc!


Radio carrumfloyd and scott


Here's the link to the show...


More recently...

The show is still based at Carrum Primary.  However, the crew regularly travel, taking all the gear with them, to local footy, local whatever really.  And basically - the time came for a wacky compromise.  That's right, the show has ambitions to become completely mobile and broadcast out of a caravan.  Who thought of this craziness - none other than the "Mayor" of Carrum himself - Andrew (Pie) Adams.  Ex president of the Carrum Cowboys football cllub, and currently still a major contributor to the whole town.  Here's the caravan...


This was the caravan now (March 2016).  Dragged all the way from Geelong I understand.  Now residing and being glammed up in Pie's backyard... here it is...

 caravan update

That's right, just like "The Block", Pie and the boys - working hard at nights under lights!

Atticus was proud to help out by donating $1000 to the cause to pay for the purchase and part of the refurbishment.  What an adventure and idea by a group of fun loving criminals.  Just down our line.  We look forward to hosting a few shows of Atticus Health with Dr. Floyd inside the "Radio Carrum wagon"!