Why become a member?

Atticus Health is expanding what we do and as a clinic, hopes to bring you more and more services.   Also – Atticus Health wants to create a strong presence in our community to help tackle community issues.  We are trying to do this at the lowest price and make it most accessible to the user.  To achieve all this, we have decided that a membership structure will work.


What do you get for being a member?



  1. Guaranteed same day appointments with our GPs.  Our GPs will continue to Bulk Bill all consultations, and you’ll have peace of mind that you’ll always be able to get in on the day that you need to.


  1. Telephone advice from a local Doctor.  Dr Floyd Gomes is a very experienced GP, and you’ll now get access to speak with him or one of his colleagues about any concerns you have directly over the telephone 24/7 on 0488 007 270.  


  1. Access to our GYM and exercise physiologist – Alicia Wise.  As many of you know, there are many gyms out there.  However, often what’s lacking is true, professional personal attention to you.  Our gym won’t be open 24/7, but our gyms will remain opened whenever our exercise physiologist or other trained staff member is present in them to help you.  This personal attention could be to:


  • Guide you in the use of equipment the correct way so that you don’t hurt yourself


  • Guide you about what exercises to do if you have a specific medical condition or injuries that may you feel deserve consideration or attention

  • MOTIVATE you!  How often have you seen 24/7 gyms open with lots of great equipment, but no one using that equipment.  We’ve seen this often.  We hope that using our service and being engaged with the clinic and staff, will lead you to greater health and fitness as a consequence of the motivation and energy that we contribute to your life.  Motivation is a KEY issue with reaching your fitness targets – and we’re with you all the way on this.   We hope to provide you with ONGOING motivational resources – when you visit the clinic and also reaching out to you when you’re not at the clinic, to motivate you into action.  

The exact opening hours of the gyms are yet to be determined, but we hope to keep them open longer and longer hours as we gain momentum.


  1. Access to heavily discounted or free group & individual exercise classes at our gym and in the community with our Exercise Physiologist.  Enquire at the clinic about this.


  1. Support from us with your home/ independent exercise endeavours.  We want to be here to empower you, to guide and motivate you – in your own exercise regimen.  You can drop in and ask us questions, show us your progress.  At any rate, we’re here to be a local resource for all our members, making it more likely that your exercise regimen brings long term success to your life and doesn’t become a short term fad!


Congratulations “Joe” - on being our very first gym member, we hope that it leads to some real golden eggs for you!  Pictured with Alicia, our Exercise Physiologist.


  1. Access to in-house weight loss programs – which are medically supervised and supportive.


  1. Discounted regular products and services.  As a member, you will receive a 5% discount on all our products and services at the clinic.  This includes –

    • Supplements and skin care products (the range of which will be expanding)

    • Any medical producers which attract a fee.  For example – biopsies and various other skin cancer procedures.


  • Cosmetics and cosmetic procedures


  • Allied Health fees


  1. Education & special events.  Atticus Health will be hosting various local education events throughout the year that will be open to members to attend.   These will be very informative and geared towards keeping you in the picture about the latest useful medical advances that may help your life.  We also hope to have specialists attend such events, fielding questions on various health topics.



  1. Mental health.  We are designing online courses, targeted at various issues and levels. Mental health is just so important.  We want to respond to your needs, and as a clinic, support you in that journey towards increase happiness and contentment in your life.


  1. Access to members only sections on our website which will let you tap into many resources and forums.


  1. Discounts at various health and wellness related stores in your community.


  1. Integration of your smart watch/phone and “fitbit” data (steps, sleep studies, medical record) into your personal medical record at your Atticus Health medical clinic, so that your Doctor can see it and comment meaningfully about the information and what it means for your health.



Community and Public Health Campaigns.  Atticus wants to be strong in our community, to help address community health and wellness issues, to reach out to people who may have it rough, or going through a rough patch anyway.  There are so many groups out there who genuinely need a hand, or could benefit from our involvement.  We hope to do this.  And, your membership basically helps us be a stronger voice in our community.  A voice to tackle such issues as drugs, violence, mental health and suicide for example.  

Sure, don’t get me wrong – we’re a private company, not a charity ourselves.  However, it is true that Atticus has a strong foundation of trying to help the community benefit as much as individuals within that community, and your individual membership helps us deliver more needed services, affordably or free to the broader public within our community.


How much does it cost?

We expect that an annual membership will always remain affordable and from January 2016 will cost:

$100 for a pensioner, health care card holder or child under 16 years of age, per year

$120 for an adult, per year

$150 for a family, per year

How do I become a member?  

Just let reception know when you’re next at the clinic, and we’ll sign you up then and there.  You can pay by cash, credit card or EFTPOS in the clinic.

Or – call the clinic and we’ll sign you up over the phone with your credit card.


Do I need to be a patient of Atticus Health to be a member?  

NO.  If you know someone who may benefit from our exercise programs and related products and services who is not a patient of the clinic – let them know.  We will still need all their details to put them on the system, but they don’t have to see a Doctor of ours as such.  You DO need to see one of our Doctors before seeing our Exercise Physiologist or using the gym, to get to know you and about your health first.


Do I have to become a member?  

NO.  Becoming a member is totally voluntary.


Basically – our membership model is an evolving concept.  However – the idea is a simple one.  As a medical clinic – we see people who essentially want to improve their health.  And – we want to do more than just see you one on one.  We want to really be your partner.  

Note that Atticus Health remains essentially a bulk billing medical clinic.  Where the whole community can access a doctor – one on one, without paying an out of pocket expense.  We believe in this and won’t change this.  In the face of changing Government support of the Medicare system, our membership structure will however help us remain independent, robust and as standout bulk billing clinics where no patient is ever rushed.  

Our membership is about delivering MORE services, MORE value and reaching out to you – as a CLINIC, and as a CLINIC, helping you get where you want to be!

In a nutshell – you would have gathered that the total SPECIFICS of your membership – are evolving, we’re growing this thing, and we appreciate your help, courage and willingness to be an early adopter.  One thing is for sure, our membership structure, like our clinics themselves, will be made and run with the spirit of the pursuit of excellence in mind, and that as a member, we hope that you experience something truly unique.

Thank you for following us on this journey to create something special for you personally and for our local community ☺