As a medical student, I remember the different clinics I went to well. One of which gave me such fond memories of General Practice, that I ultimately became one!

There are different clinics out there, and it’s not easy to choose. In a nutshell though, the things that are good about Atticus Health, are:

The culture: What can I say – I hope you find us young at heart. We don’t look down on people, and realise that everyone’s just at a different stage in life, that’s all. At any rate, we’ll let you know what’s worked, and what’s not worked – to help you hopefully avoid our mistakes!

Teaching: This is obviously very important as a medical student - you want to learn. Not necessarily biochemistry in a clinic, but about what it is to be a GP, is it for me? Just - help me pass my exams! Anyway, we’re here to listen to you as much as anything. You tell us what you want to learn, and how, and we’ll try to do it. If you’re stuck for ideas, we’ll guide you. At the end of the day, we’re interested and motivated to teach you - but not at all interested in pressuring you. It’s one of our missions to inspire you, and make sure you leave every night feeling smarter, and happier!

We’re particularly proud that in 2014 one of our teachers, Dr Ling Ming Teoh, was voted by Monash University as being the “Best New Clinical Teacher”.

The locations: Hastings, Bittern, Carrum – beautiful places in the world. Coffee shops, beaches, good people. What else can I say!

Call us at the clinic to talk about doing a term, or perhaps even a part time job. We’d love to hear from you.