May 2013: The fruit bowl is catching on - "Read all about it" in the local paper - Mordialloc Chelsea Leader, Wed 22nd May, page 4. Out with Jellybeans and in with bananas!!

IF THE saying ‘‘an apple a day will keep the doctor away’’ is true, then Dr Floyd Gomes is trying to put himself out of business.

Mordy Chelsea Leader fruit bowl opt 1

Hugo, 7, looks forward to choosing some fruit while Dr Floyd Gomes checks his ears.

Founder of Carrum’s new medical clinic Atticus Health, Dr Gomes is determined to not only treat what ails his patients, but also encourage them to live healthy lifestyles.

His philosophy means kids who visit the Station St clinic don’t get a lollipop at the end of their appointment, but instead they get a piece of fruit.

‘‘So often people can do a lot to improve their health by eating more fruit and vegetables,’’ Dr Gomes said.

‘‘For instance, sometimes I say to my patients who are on antibiotics that they should eat more oranges, rather than solely relying on antibiotics.’’

Dr Gomes said the clinic also had a strong philosophy of linking in with the community. Part of that is donating five per cent of the clinic profits to local causes.

‘‘We see such a great cross section of the community that we are in a unique position to be able to engage with and help it out on many levels,’’ he said.

‘‘Our nurses are very active and interested in aged care. So we’ve already linked in with the Carrum Senior Citizens Club.’’

Staff Team Meeting 18 4 2013

July 2012: Carrum – soon to open!

Atticus Health Carrum is due to open in March 2013. We are very excited!

If you have any enquiries about the clinic, please feel free to contact us.