Atticus Health was founded to become an inspiring health and lifestyle centre. The mission statement of the clinic is - “To be humble and accept that life is an experience. To continue to be inspired by life and driven by soul, for the good of our own life, that of our patients, and that of the world in which we live in”.

To elaborate -
We accept that life is really just an experience, for each of us, which goes by quickly. No one truly has a crystal ball to know what’s around the corner! Our job is to help you better your health, no matter what stage of life you are in, so that your experience of life, every day may become more fulfilling and happy.

To be inspired by life, means to respect life. Our planet is a beautiful place. Just look at the mouth of the Patterson River, at our doorstep. It is magnificent. Just look at the face of every baby as they smile – they know it. They are inspired by life. At Atticus Health, we are inspired by life. We have particular respect for the human body and mind. One could say – our patients inspire us! We want to help you be the best you can be.

Having said all this about life – what does it mean to be driven by soul? As human beings, we each have a particular consciousness about our lives and future. Perhaps zebras and whales do as well, but I can’t speak for them! This awareness as a human being can push us to greater extents than we know. Think about just how far technology has come? Think about Nelson Mandela? There is something inside each of us – that seems to link our bodies and minds, and gives us that particular uniqueness, our personality, which can be ‘larger than life’. This is our soul. At Atticus Health, we put our souls into what we do. As our patient, you will receive the best of us, each and every time. We are – driven by soul.

If all this sound is too complicated – then just know we’re trying our best for you!

Why ‘Atticus’? Our name was taken from Atticus Finch, the main character in the famous book, “To Kill a Mockingbird”, by Harper Lee. He was a hero. He represented an individual to the best of his ability, and didn’t waiver from this. He was driven by soul, and ultimately, his community benefited. This is how we at Atticus Health try to be. We promise to always be looking out for your interests, and aiming to benefit the community we work within.

In 2015 a new book, written by Harper Lee was found. This book paints a picture of Atticus Finch that is quite different, in fact, Atticus is depicted as a racist. I don’t know what to say. The first book, the second book – all based on fiction. However, there is no doubt that the original book, To Kill a Mockingbird, remains a classic and that Atticus Finch, in that book, is a hero, and it is that person, the staff at Atticus Health continue to look up to.